electric winch

Remote control for electric winch

Telecrane overhead remote control is the perfect solution for your winch.

Have an electric winch and want to control it without cable? An easy job for one man only with our wireless solution.

electric winch

The best European manufacturers of winches have understood and shared the benefits of Telecrane remote controls.

  • Reliability
  • Practicle use
  • Convenience
  • Quick and efficient aftersales service
  • Certification by external bodies (ISO, R&TTE, RED, Directive Machinery, Ghost)
  • Rechargeable AA batteries, longlife, friendly and cheap replacement – can be found everywhere!
  • Prompt delivery
  • Quick installation, receiver with pre-wired cable
  • Twin version availability (with second extra transmitter ready for use)
  • Small and hardy transmitter controls

MORE INFORMATION: TEL. +39 02 9958665 – telecrane@telecrane.it