This product is specially designed for old bridge cranes and tower cranes and any application that needs 3-4-5 movements with a high customization set up possibility. All the relays of the receivers have n/o and n/c contacts.


Product features

  • 6/8/10 double step pushbuttons transmitter + start and stop
  • Special version available with key with 8/10 buttons transmitter including a key for closing an extra relay
  • Emergency stop head pushbutton
  • Removable start key
  • Double speed pushbuttons
  • Durable nylon-fiber housing for extra shock resistance.
  • Standard power supply: AC 48V-110-220 or DC 12-24V. Others can be requested.
  • Operating distance up to 100 meters
  • Enclosure protection class IP 65
  • Temperature range – 35° C / + 80° C
  • Receiver with antenna, wire cable of 2.5 m of length and shock absorbers
  • Transmitter with housing for extra shock resistance and shoulder strap cord
  • Double AA size Alkaline rechargeable long life batteries
  • Automatic correction of transmission errors
  • Microsoft Windows based software for easy set-up
  • Test certificate of every single product