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Telecrane Italia at GIS Expo 2017

Telecrane Italia at GIS EXPO –  The Lifting, Industrial & Port Handling and Heavy Transport Show

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The best Overhead Crane Remote Controls by Telecrane

Telecrane overhead remote controls are the ‘best seller’ in the world of industrial lifting for bridge cranes, jib cranes and lifting equipment in general.

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New remote control Silver Joy F24-60N PLL

October 2016. Telecrane Italia introduces the new remote control Silver JOY F24-60N PLL.

Many technical and functional solutions are improved for extra quality, reliability and convenience.

Silver Joy is a “full optional” device with a 3/5 speeds joysticks + buttons, selectors, start key and EMS emergency stop.

Telecrane f24-60

Main news

  1. PLL radio module system with 71 frequency channels available and mobular transmission power
  2. New radio module for the transmitter unit
  3. New joysticks with new rubber protection for heavy duty use
  4. New radio module for the receiver unit
  5. New transmitter unit case with EMS, buttons and selectors

Telecrane over Y-40, the deepest pool in the world

Y-40 , the deepest pool in the world certificated by Guinness World record. An electric chain hoist is equipped over the pool, running in a monorail and controlled by a Telecrane Silver Hoist 4 buttons radio device.

40 meters is the depth of this pool, located in Italy close to Padoa.

Safety and action: the remote control is always ready for operation.




The highest radio remote control

From Courmayeur, Italy,  you can climb up to 3465 meters reaching the top of Helbronner at Mont Blanc 

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External antenna

All the Telecrane Italia radio remote controls can operate at a distance of about 100 meters. Silver Top model can reach a superior distance..

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Frequency scanner

In industrial areas where several radio remote controls work concurrently it can be necessary to check the frequencies in use.

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Copier unit

The copier unit is a Telecrane Italia original device that gets the product information from the transmitter or receiver unit and synchronize them into another device.

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Service Kit Parter

Telecrane Italia in order to offer an efficient assistance, introduces the Partner Service Kit, an aluminum bag complete of all the main spare parts for a quick and professional post sale service.


About us: Lift and Hoist International

The prestigious Lift & Hoist International magazine publish about Telecrane Italia.

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